Family-Friendly Camping + Travel Food Ideas

Easy Camping Cooking Ideas

Spice Up Your Camping Tucker

We all know one of the most exciting and satisfying aspects of any camping or travel adventure or road trip is the novel snacks and cozy food gatherings that come with being outside your regular cooking routine.

It’s the sticky sweet marshmallows toasted over the fire, a hot morning coffee or tea in the fresh bush air, collaborative campfire cookups and BBQ banter, and slow leisurely meals shared and enjoyed outdoors with your favourite people. We enjoyed all of this on our recently family holiday down south to Yallingup.


With travel restricted worldwide, we find ourselves with a beautiful opportunity to hit the road and discover nearby natural habitats and nurturing bushland right outside doorstep (or a short drive away). Whether you’re planning an upcoming getaway, hiking trip, Airbnb staycation or an extended caravan escape, we’re here to make sure you don’t go hungry!

Because, after an active day of hiking, boating, fishing, exploring and other shenanigans, there’s nothing one looks forward to more than the prized end-of-day hearty cookup or breaky kick-off. One thing’s for sure, no one wants a boring flavourless feed of stale crackers and land baked beans. 

It’s time to BRING THE SPICE to your camping meals with a few hot tips and minimal effort. We specialise in easy “throw it all together” in one pot meals, bulk cookups, and feeding many hungry mouths, because we all know one plate is never enough... And, with the mouthwatering scents that will be wafting from your campsite you’re sure to attract some friendly campfire visitors. 


Here’s 6 quick and easy camping food ideas to experiment with on your next adventure:


Breakfast Skillet Cook-up with a Punch

Turn up the class on the classic breakfast campfire cook-up by adding a few fun flavourful bits. A spoonful of Nasi Goreng through your rice with a fried egg on top, smear our Butter Chicken through eggs or spread over your breakfast wrap, or stirred through your baked beans with some fresh herbs will add excitement and deliciousness.


Easy Camping Meals

Savvy Campfire Stirfry

With hungry mouths to feed, time is of the essence! Chuck any combo of veggies and chosen protein together with one of our curry pastes for a hasty foolproof hearty meal. We love Satay Peanuts or Yellow Curry with chicken, capsicum, and broccoli. 


Campfire Cooking

BBQ Cook-Up

For our barbecue lovers, we recommend adding our Sambal Vegan as a simple done-for-you marinade that will massively enhance the flavour of your fry up. You can also throw a bunch of veggies in a foil tray and top with a curry paste for an incredible flavour boost to your regular roast. 


Camping Meal Ideas

Glamping Tasting Board 

For those who enjoy the finer things with minimal effort, we recommend pulling together a gourmet spread of dips, pita bread, roti, crackers, cheese, olives, fruit and other nibbles to keep you satiated (or to tide you over while you wait for your main meal). Add a glass of your preferred wine or bevvy and you’re in heaven. Did you know our curry pastes also make delicious dips solo or in combo with other ingredients? Try:   

  1. Korma + tahini
  2. Thai Green + sour cream
  3. Laksa + yoghurt
  4. Thai Red + coconut yogurt

Campfire Curry

One Pot Curries

One pot curries are the best option when limited by budget, time and space on the road. Whether you are looking for a spicy Asian inspired curry or a mild authentic Indian curry  – we’ve got it all covered with our curry paste range! Check out our cheat sheet here that will save you time on your grocery shop.

Camping Dinner Ideas

Bountiful Bases and Sides

A big cookup requires a few bases like rice, dahl, and potato to keep tummies happy. Everyone’s a fan of our family favourites including our Royal Festival Briyani Rice, Tropical Thai Coconut Rice, Jewelled Mung Dahl, and Creamy Green Pea Dahl Meal Kits. A large tray of roasted potatoes generously coated in any of our Curry Pastes will also go down a treat! 

More of a hiker? Make a TC Meal Kit meal in advance and pack yourself a gourmet lunchbox to look forward to. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our camping food ideas for families who enjoy a spicier and more fragrant way of life. Let’s take this time to enjoy life’s simplest but most enduring pleasures - food, nature, family and friends.  

Upgrade your camping stash with our TC Works (the absolute lot), to find your perfect combo of flavour-packed Curry Pastes, crowd-pleasing Meal Kits, and delightful Little Bites

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