Let’s SPICE it up!

Here’s a delicious way to make a real difference when fundraising for a school, community or charity groups.

It’s the Turban Chopsticks “Spice It Up Fundraising” program. It’s pretty simple to understand and even simpler to put to work.

The idea of Turban Chopsticks’ “Spice Up Your Fundraising”  is to give your group the chance to raise much needed funds by selling/using our award winning spices, curry pastes and meal kits that are Australian made and owned! 

Why SPICE it up?

Welcome to the Turban Chopsticks family of food lovers, avid eaters, and the most awesome and supportive community.

As an award winning and leading spice experts and food providers, Turban Chopsticks has its roots in family who are brought together through good, challenging and happy times with delicious, healthy food. We have tailored a range that suits all taste buds including big and little tummies.

We welcome you to the Turban Chopsticks family! And what do we do when our families are in need of something?

We lend a helping hand the best way we know how… by sharing our food products, loved by everyone because of its natural, Indian-Asian authentic flavours and allergen free qualities.

How to SPICE up your fundraising?

Have you got a school fete or carnival coming up and want to raise funds? Why not SPICE it up with our Turban Chopsticks fundraising kit, that’s sure to impress mums and dads who need to prepare gluten free, nut free, vegan, allergen free family meals!

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