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“I've tried all of this amazing range and I can't get enough. Especially the lentil coconut fritters!! We have them for breakfast with smashed avocado too and they're great. I would recommend Turban Chopsticks to all of my friends wishing to have a healthy, hearty (easy to prepare) meal day and night. Yum yum!! Thank you again Turban Chopsticks!!”

  • Sophie K


“Delicious meal kits, sauces and other recipe bonuses. I really enjoy making my dinner with the premade curry sauces especially - far better than your average imported unpronounceable sauce from your relly that wants you to try new flavours and spices they found out about on holiday.

  • Steven R


“I was once lucky enough to be invited to a colleague's house where she cooked the most amazing dahl. For years I'd think back to her dahl and how it was missing from my life. Then I tried the Turban Chopsticks dahl kit and was easily able to produce in my own kitchen something that was as rich, creamy and delicious but in my own kitchen. I had to immediately go out and buy more. Highly recommend!!”

  • Amy L


“I love your products. Very nice and easy when I am busy with work. Always have them ready in my kitchen.”

  • Paul K


“On Saturday night I poured a jar of yellow curry paste over a boneless lamb leg and left it to marinate. Whilst it drove me crazy with it’s aromas as it slow roasted on Sunday afternoon, I made your biryani. Admittedly, being a chef I am often tempted to steer things in the direction of my own personal preferences ie. extra chilli, salt etc, but I made it exactly to packet instructions (save for throwing in a bag of baby spinach at the end, because vegetables) as I wanted to see how it was at base level. 

I cannot tell you in words how delicious it was. Meltingly tender lamb on top of fluffy fragrant rice, the stuff of dreams! After 4 years of cooking school and 26 years in restaurants, never in a million years would I have thought I’d be buying a meal kit - but you have converted me. It tasted like I’d laboured over it for days, and all I did was open a jar and a box.

Your products speak for themselves, I will absolutely be ordering them again straight away and I just wanted to thank you for making such a high quality product range. Absolute game changer. I fully intended to send you a photo, but all that was left was an empty bowl and a happy soul.”

  • Sarah M


“We just tried the little bites onion bahji and they were epic!!! So easy to prepare and the batter actually goes a lot further than it says on the packet. Would be great for parties and nibbles with drinks with friends! I'm going to try the Bombay burgers next xx so far loving your product thank you !!!”

  • Annabel W


“I have been eating these yummy products for years when I first discovered them at The Everywoman Expo and they are and continue to be my most favourite foods. My 3 year old loves everything too! I always have an assortment of Turban chopsticks products in my food cupboard.”

  • Natalie P


“Never a bad meal. So quick and easy to make. Cant get enough!”

  • Tony D


“Just made the Thai red curry and tropical Thai coconut rice - ermegerd amazing!!
Great chilli kick in the curry and the rice has a beautiful subtle flavour, made it with veggies, could eat the whole pot by itself!!”

  • Nicole C


“Gave my sister in Sydney, a Christmas hamper for Christmas having recently found out that her children are gluten intolerant. The family loves all the products and flavours and it is so easy to make.”

  • Guylaine M


“My 4yo is a big fan of Thai Coconut Rice and Almond Cumin Rice. Just add veggies, everything is in the box.”

  • Ivana O

“I am a West Aussie who has lived in Jogja for one year in 2006. Since then I have been unable to find proper Indonesian sauce bases. That's 15 years of searching and finding nothing but the rubbish in supermarkets made me give up even trying them anymore. Not even the Asian speciality stores had anything.

Until I found your rendang in Go Vita! I bought your rendang, sambal, and the green curry. Already cooked the rendang and followed instructions exactly. 15 years of searching is over. I'll let the store know they've stumbled on a gem. No more sneaking off to restaurants pretending I cooked it. Game changing sauce. Well done. I'm going to tell everyone!!!"

  • Maree


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