8 Medals For Your Favourite TC Curries at the Royal Show Food Awards

Royal Show

We’re super excited to share some exciting news with our curry and spice loving tribe!!

Recently, we entered a number of our Turban Chopsticks curry pastes to the Royal Show Food Awards in WA and Victoria.

Have you been to the Royal Show? If you haven’t, annually there is always an opportunity for local food producers to enter the food awards, judged by food experts from the country. You might have seen and eaten your favourite or local pies, jams or food products with the Royal Show awards stickers or badges on them.

And so we submitted Turban Chopsticks goodies into these awards and... guess what?? We’ve come out with a total of 8 Silver and Bronze medals, which include:

  • Bronze medal recognition for our Thai Red Curry, Butter Chicken and Satay Peanuts, while our Thai Green Curry won a prestigious Silver medal at the 2018 Australia Food Awards (AFA), managed by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV).

  • One Silver (Thai Green Curry) and three Bronze (Butter Chicken, Satay Peanuts and Thai Red Curry) medals in the 2018 Pantry Goods Awards by the Royal Agricultural Society of Perth.

YAY!! We are super happy with these results because of a number of reasons.

Winning these awards help us to further spread our mission to make wholesome, healthy and delicious Turban Chopsticks products that are authentic to the real kitchen flavours of India and Asia available to your own kitchens.

On top of that, we’re excited that these awards will help our vegan, vegetarian, diabetic friendly and allergen free curry pastes, sauces and meal kits be more accessible to restaurants, cafes, delis, hotels and all food outlets/businesses with a one stop product to suit all diners’ dietary requirements!

As with all our successes and wins, we could not have done this without the awesome support of all you - our supportive spice loving tribe. Thank you for loving what we do and our food, so that we can continue to spread the Turban Chopsticks goodness.  

Now, as you know, we believe in celebrating our wins, our lessons learnt, our life experiences, with good, healthy, wholesome and delicious food.

Because, any excuse to celebrate with food is welcomed at our family.

How do you, your family and friends celebrate all things in life?

Let us know in the comments below!

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