Mini Bombay Burgers

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Natural | Gluten Free | Vegan | Australian made

  • The rich flavours of India are waiting for you through our Mini Bombay Burgers meal kit.

    Made with chickpea, tapioca, maize, rice and potato flours, and mixed with red lentils, spices of garlic, salt, black pepper, chilli, your everyday burgers are made extra unique, special and tasty with our Mini Bombay burgers.

    Shallow fry our mix to create light and fluffy mini burgers that you can slide into brioches or mini hamburger buns and rolls, top with all your favourite burger toppings. For a healthier alternative, you can also brush with preferred oil and bake in oven then serve as a patty with a side salad.

    • Turban Chopsticks Mini Bombay Burgers Kit
    • 3 cups of grated vegetables ie. pumpkin, beetroot, carrot, brocolli, cauliflower
    • 1 large onion, finely diced
    • preferred oil for frying
    1. MIX dry packet ingredients with 1 cup of HOT water and stir well. Add onion and
    vegetables.. Ensure that everything is well combined.
    2. PORTION Divide mix into 12 portions and roll into roundish patties.
    3. FRY Heat large fry pan with oil, on a low to medium flame. When hot, add the
    patties to the pan and cook for 3-4 minutes each side, until it is cooked through and
    golden brown.
    4. SERVE immediately on your burger bun, with large dollops of your favourite
    chutney, yoghurt raita and YUMMY salad ingredients. Bombay Blissing!
  • Tapioca flour, maize flour, potato flour, rice flour, vegetable gums (460), raising agents (500, 575)], chickpea flour, lupin flakes, spices.

    Contains Lupin

  • When prepared

    Servings per packet: 12
    Cals p/serve: 139 calories
    Serving size: 100 grams

    Average Qty p/serve Average Qty p/serve
    Energy 580kj 580kj
    Protein 10.9g 10.9g
    Fat, total 5.9g 5.9g
    - Saturated 1.2g 1.2g
    Carbohydrate 9.5g 9.5g
    Sugars 1.1g 1.1g
    Sodium 132mg 132mg
  • Burger mixture should be moist. Add a little water, if necessary. Suggestions for grated veggies include pumpkin, zucchini, sweet potato, corn, carrot. Replace mince for mashed chickpeas/ beans, paneer or tofu for a vego booster!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
It’s so easy & super tasty

I made mine with chopped cauliflower instead of mince. I made them into mini slider size patties. It became our beautiful & tasty vegetarian dinner. It’s not spicy (depending on how much ginger you add) but with lovely flavors & my kids loved it. They took leftovers for their lunch following day. I’ll definitely make them again maybe with different vegetables or meat next time.

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