Sharing Our Spice Love to all Australian Kitchens

Turban Chopsticks Food Service

Turban Chopsticks tribe… did you see our social post where we revealed our brand new and exciting Turban Chopsticks Food Service Range?

If you did, not to worry, because we’re going to tell you the behind the scenes story here.

If you didn’t miss it and got as excited as us by tagging your favourite cafe, kitchen, restaurant and food suppliers to try out our new service range, we again say a massive THANK YOU! For being awesome as always and for your priceless support!

It is of course because of this type of support that we at Turban Chopsticks continue to try new things, break new markets, come up with more yummy ideas.

That’s also one of the main reasons we created our Food Service Range - because we want to share our passion for good, delicious, natural and authentic foods with everyone, no matter what food allergies or dietary requirements you have.

How do we do that with our Food Service Range?

Well, let’s start with… what is it?

Our first ever Food Service Range is available for Australian restaurants, cafes, delis, hotels and all food outlets/businesses, in bulk and with bigger quantities.

It is aimed at creating savings (without compromising on flavours) for these food outlets by offering them ready made and of course yummy curry pastes and meals that they can use in their own menu and can be served for anyone with no food allergies / dietary requirements but also for diners who need vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, nut-free, diabetic friendly meals.

Turban Chopsticks Food Service Range is all about providing quick, easy and convenient solutions that save time, labour and costs for the food/hospitality industry so that more and more people can dine out and experience the joy of authentic, real kitchen flavours of India and Asia!

But wait… the goodness doesn’t stop there! Our Food Service Range also aim to empower chefs, cooks and kitchen staff with creative dish ideas and flavour bases to produce tasty meals that you will just want to come back for, again and again.

For example, with the Bombay Burgers savoury bites, chefs and cooks can have meat protein added to the mix to make burgers or koftas, or have shredded zucchini and vegetables to make a vegan kofta, perfect for a canape, entree or main size meal.

What have you tried in your kitchens that uses Turban Chopsticks goodness in various yummy ways?

Also, if you want to experience Turban Chopsticks goodness in your favourite Australian restaurant, cafe, bistro, hotel, or food outlets/businesses, comment below where and we’ll work our magic to see if we can make your wish come true!

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