Food Service

Turban Chopsticks Spice Up The Restaurant & Food Industry 

in Australia With Its New Food Service Range 

Perth’s food creator of spices, curries and authentic Asian/Indian products, Turban Chopsticks, have released their first ever Food Service range, aimed at creating savings (without compromising on flavours) for Australian restaurants, cafes, delis, hotels and all food outlets/businesses. 

Mei Yong, Director of Turban Chopsticks, commented that the idea came from observing the increasing trend of food allergens and dietary requirements, combined with listening to fellow cafe/restaurant owners of the kitchen inefficiencies to meet the rising demand. 

“Turban Chopsticks has been around for the last 10 years, filling the demand for delicious, healthy and allergen-free curry, meal kits and bites firstly in the Perth, and now country-wide market on the retail front,” said Mei. 

“A shift to a more natural lifestyle was key in providing the market with a clean and healthier alternative in the kitchen.” 

As a result, Turban Chopsticks has created products that are vegan/vegetarian friendly, gluten-free, dairy free, with no msg or preservatives, diabetic friendly and most importantly locally made in Perth, Western Australia. 

The recently released Turban Chopsticks Food Service range include: 

● Curry Pastes 2.3kg (Thai Green, Thai Red, Butter Chicken, Satay Peanuts) 

● Savoury Bites Pre-Mix 2kg (Onion Bhaji, Chickpea Koftas, Lentil Fritters, Bombay Burgers) 

By being accessible and delicious to all diners’ tastes and dietary needs, Turban Chopsticks Food Service also brings with it versatility, authenticity and diversity to every chef’s, cook’s and foodie’s kitchens. 

The versatility of the products come from its clean ingredients, for example, by using the Thai Green Curry paste, you can create a Thai Green Chicken Coconut Curry or a vegan tofu and eggplant curry from the same product, as there is no shellfish or fish sauce in the paste. 

With the savoury bites, the Bombay Burgers can have meat protein added to the mix to make burgers or koftas, or have shredded zucchini and vegetables to make a vegan kofta, perfect for a canape, entree or main size meal. 

“Overtime, some of our friends in the food industry commented on the importance of servicing customers with these dietary requirements, as part of their own commitment to high quality and wholesome food products.” 

“The main barrier they had was the cost, time and resources to create new and separate batches from scratch.” To solve the industry challenge, the food service range was born to provide quick, easy and convenient solutions that save time, labour and costs. 

In addition, Turban Chopsticks Food Service Range also aim to empower chefs, cooks and kitchen staff with creative dish ideas and flavour bases to produce tasty meals that customers will come back for. 

“Turban Chopsticks has always been about quality, fresh, local produce ingredients and importantly taste to suit as many diners’ needs as possible,” said Mei. 

“So we are very happy to be extending our commitment by providing a cost effective and delicious solution to food outlets and businesses.” 

For more information about the Turban Chopsticks Food Service Range, to request a sample pack or a copy of the catalogue, please email


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