We came, we exhibited, we cooked, we ate and won our way through Adelaide’s fresh foods scene!

Pasadena Foodland

Hello to our Turban Chopsticks family from a city filled fresh, delicious foods, finest markets and world’s best supermarket - Adelaide!

Last month we started our exciting journey of nationally launching our allergen free, flavoursome and natural curries, meal kits and bites (and our brand new Food Service Range) across the country.

Our aim is pretty simple!

We want to spread our philosophy of healthy and accessible flavours of Indian and Asian cuisines to many Australian households and kitchens who also believe that the best things in life happen around a shared delicious meal.

Turban Chopsticks Adelaide Markets

Because good food should be available to all - those on a gluten free diet, or have vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, or require allergen free food, or need a diabetic friendly approach.

As Mei keeps saying to all of us here inside Turban Chopsticks, and you might have heard yourself at markets, launches, supermarkets, lunches or coffee catch ups with Mei herself, we are all about “a shift to a more natural lifestyle and providing the market with a clean and healthier alternative in the kitchen.”

Turban Chopsticks kits

So we shared this philosophy (and of course our range of products) in Adelaide through in store launches, cooking demos and the Whole Life Expo at the Adelaide Showgrounds, where we plated up and shared Turban Chopsticks flavours that landed us (....and cue excited drum rolls here), a brand new stockist at Adelaide’s Finest Supermarket and one of the World’s Best Supermarket, Pasadena Foodland!!!


To say we are beyond excited is an understatement… because there’s more good news to share with you, our spice family is extending …we are coming soon to selected Drake stores via our wonderful distributor, Edible Exchange pictured below.

Turban Chopsticks Edible Exchange

Where once we buy what’s only available, today, the range for healthier, more diverse, versatile and fresh foods are in abundance. Adelaide showed us that with their passion for natural and local produce, keeping our local food industry, our farmers and our community strong!

So we look forward, with your help, to continue contributing to strong families, strong communities and of course, to spicy and aromatic kitchens across Australia!

We’d love your help to give them a warm welcome. Share this blog with your Adelaide friends and family and introduce them to the wonderful world of spices and quick and easy cooking. Throw a spice party and let them in on your Turban Chopsticks feast secrets!

Spicy Love x


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