Turban Chopsticks helps keep families close by supporting a home away from home

Perth Childrens Hospital

As you know, Turban Chopsticks’ puts families at the heart of our purpose and core values.

Our multicultural family is big, loud and supportive of each other. They’re the backbone of our operations. Our business has family members working at every moment to make it what it is today!

Our supporters - you -  are also our family - a tribe of amazing spice fans who love fresh, high quality and delicious food as much as we do.

Our products are centred around family - made to be enjoyed and shared with your loved ones, your kids, your friends.

So, on the note of the importance of family and how much we value them, we at Turban Chopsticks are really proud to announce that we have contributed to making a 12-bedroom Ronald McDonald house possible on-site at the new Perth Children’s Hospital!

Perth Childrens Hospital

Ronald McDonald house is an iconic service organisation with a mission to keep families close together during tough times when young family members are ill and need to spend considerable time in hospital.

Of course, the organisation does more than that - they create opportunities for learning, playtime, and adventure for many young girls and boys who need to stay in hospital longer.

 Ronald Mcdonald House

Bec Stott, Manager of Mission Funding at Ronald McDonald House states that, “Ronald McDonald House Charities WA is proud to have officially opened a new Ronald McDonald Family Room as well as a Ronald McDonald House located inside the walls of the hospital.”

“This is the second 'home away from home' in WA. In WA, families of sick children needing emergency medical treatment at PCH will have access to on-site accommodation to be closer to their loved ones.”

“The unique 12 bedroom house will provide all the comforts of a Ronald McDonald House, offering parents and carers the opportunity to recharge and get the necessary rest, whilst only being steps away from their child's bedside.”

 Ronald Mcdonald House

Giving back to our local community is at the forefront of our mission. We are so excited to participate in this WA first initiative to help keep families close, whatever challenges they face.

Because let’s face it, a problem shared, with our best supporters, our family, are the ones we know we can overcome together.

Room 2 at the new house will bear Turban Chopsticks acknowledgement, and we want to further extend that acknowledgment to our immediate family and to all of you, our extended family members.

Through your support and love for what we do, we’ve made a difference to the lives of seriously ill children and their families, by keeping them close together through tough times.


Ronald Mcdonald House

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