Top 6 Spiciest Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Everyone has at least one in their family: The one who loves spicy food, and of course… has good spice tolerance. With the festive season of Christmas and new year coming, why not impress your loved ones with hot and spicy gifts to burn their taste buds off!

Check out this list of top 6 spiciest gifts for your loved ones. Any of these will definitely put a smile on that crazy hot spicy-head in your family!


1. Sambal Vegan


A popular and iconic condiment in South East Asia, sambal is a moreish hot sauce made from spices, herbs, and aromatics and will give all your meals a flavour boost! Loaded with fresh chillies, tamarind and radish, this delicious vegan sambal will become your pantry staple. Have this sambal vegan with any of your favourite dishes including fried rice, noodles, stir-frys or even wraps and burgers for some spicy twists!


2. Chilli Jam Chutney


It’s getting HOT in here. A Chilli Jam Chutney with  plump red tomatoes slowly cooked with ripe red chillies to create this delicious tantalising spicy jam with a kick. Perfect for dips with your favourite dumplings, wedges and fries or any other savoury snacks. You can also stir through pasta, cooked grains, rice dishes and scramble eggs.


3. Thai Red Curry
Silver medal winner at the Royal Agricultural Society WA and Victoria Food Awards, our Thai Red Curry paste is ready to add spiciness into your next delicious meals. Transform your everyday dish by adding coconut milk and your preferred choice of protein. Special hint: try adding lychees for something even more authentic!


4. South Indian Spiced Tomato Dahl 
A favourite and filling dish for many families and food lovers, our Tomato Dhal mixes Australian red split lentils with spices - chillies, garlic, black pepper, bay leaves and more - to add a little pleasant heat for your tastebuds. Create a hearty and tangy lentil curry with your favourite protein and veggie, or try it with the potato ricotta balls for a match-made in heaven. 


5. Apple Chilli Jam Chutney


Farm fresh apples slowly cooked together with sugar, spice and a whole lot of love to create a sweet tangy delicious jam. You can dip in your crackers, corn chips, and any of your go-to savoury snacks. For an unforgettable meal, you can add it into your stir-fry with your protein of choice and veggie, pair it with your roast or your next grazing board. 


6. Rendang Curry


Made with aromatic spices and herbs, this rich and luscious curry is our take on the famous Malaysian Rendang. Soooo indulgent, our Rendang will take you right back to the authentic street food you’ve been craving. Marinade your protein and your veggie for a Malaysian twist or stir through some coconut yogurt for an excellent combo. 


So, have you decided which gift to give your spicy food lover this holiday? Or have you still not found what you’re looking for? Browse our Christmas Hampers here. We’re sure you will find what you need! 

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