Top 5 FUN things to do to stay active and healthy at home

The pandemic has affected all of us this year in a way that we never could have imagined. With lockdowns spanning across the country, we have been disrupted and made to stay home (maybe even formed a couple of bad home habits *guilty*).

During these uncertain times, our mental and physical wellbeing needs the support to stay healthy and well. So we've collated our list of FUN things to do to stay active and healthy at home. Let’s go!

Spices Organised

1. Spice it up! – We all know our favourite meals are curated with a special secret spice mix (a little bias heh), passed on from generation to generation or created from experimental cooking ventures. Spices are naturally immune boosting to the body and are full of nutrients and minerals to keep you healthy, well and glowing. Get organised in the kitchen and create a stunning spice station with a standard set of jars (these ones are from Ikea). Make sure you keep your spices away from the oven or a window as heat causes spices to degrade quicker. 

Rose Quartz Crystal Roller

2. Crystal Roller Massage – If you haven’t heard, rose quartz crystal rollers are the latest and greatest addition to your weekly facial at home. Rose quartz is believed to remove emotional stress, purify energy, open the heart, as well as comfort and soothe. Pair it with a Rose Quartz Gua Sha and promote circulation, combat puffiness and enhance the absorption of your skincare products. Check this set out from Adore Beauty. Pair it with this anti-aging avocado and turmeric facial for an extra glow this Winter. Recipe here from Style Tips 101. 

Macrame Wall Hanger

3. Macrame Making – If you love to make, create and craft with your hands, try out macramé making. All you need is some rope/cord, scissors and a wooden or metal dowel (tree branch or drift wood for a more natural look). You’ll be mesmerised by how simple it is to create a beautiful art piece from a simple arrangement of knots. Plus you'll get a nice arm workout that will strengthen and tone your shoulders and back (sexy back coming right up for Summer) We made this basic wall hanger. Watch the tutorial here.

Home workout

4. #HomeWorkouts – Get social with your friends and arrange a weekly workout catchup where you can sweat it out and be social at the same time. For free workouts, try using the hashtag #homeworkouts on Instagram. There are so many workouts to choose from that cater for a variety of fitness levels. Cardio, core, high intensity…mix it up! End your catch up with a stretch, some relaxing yoga postures or put on a calming song to meditate to.

Kitchen Dancing

5. Do a little dance – Take 10 and break out in a dance (like no one’s watching!!). Working from home might see you starting at your screen all day, causing bad backs and lower/upper back/neck pain. Get moving and put on your favourite party playlist hat will get you up and grooving in no time. We love Spotify’s ‘Party in your Living Room’ playlist for an epic dance session *cue sweat and endorphins

Keep it up and stay motivated Spice Tribe. Stay on your Winter game and focus on your immune boosting food, wellness and exercise to keep your mind, body and soul aligned.

We will leave you with this quote by Les Brown -

'You must tell yourself. No matter how hard it is, or how hard it gets, I am going to make it'. 

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