10 Ways to Eat Chutney and Shimmy your Way to Becoming a Chutney Connoisseur


Time and time again, we are asked ‘how should I use a chutney?’ or ‘what do I eat it with?’. Well folks, we decided to write a blog about our top 10 ways to eat and serve Chutney (that might even get you to put on your dancing shoes and break out into a cha-cha or Bollywood bhangra from all the excitement).

A little history…

Chutneys originated in India and are served as a tangy, spicy and mischievously delicious condiment to any savoury meal. Made from slow-cooked fruits or vegetables and packed with flavourful aromatics and spices, you’ll smell a chutney cooking from a mile away. There are hundreds of recipes that are particular to a region or a place of the state (don’t get your North and South Indian friends to tell you who’s is better…)

Chutney Samosa

Street food in India is powered by tasty and moreish chutneys. It is an important ingredient for serving Indian meals such as idli, dosa, sandwiches, samosas, pakoras, dabeli, sev puri, bhel puri, and the list never ends. Guess what the best thing about chutneys is? You can eat it with almost ANYTHING, even non-Indian dishes (are you shimmying yet?)

Let’s get onto our Top 10 ways to eat chutney. Here we go –

1. Crack open a jar or two and add to your favourite grazing board or cheese platter – try our Cauliflower Chutney

Chutney grazing board

2. Smear on a toastie, sandwich or avo on toast for extra oomph

Avo on toast


3. Smear onto a burger or hotdog instead of sauce (or add it in addition) – try our Tomato Chutney
4. Serve with a pie or sausage roll plus Indian snacks such as samosas and bhajis – Mango Chutney goes down a treat

Chutney bhaji

5. Serve with your Sunday roast (or even marinate your roast before) – Onion Pepper Jam all the way
6. Mix a tablespoon with yoghurt and create a dip – Use the Eggplant Chutney
7. Mix a tablespoon with lemon juice and olive oil for a tasty salad dressing
8. Toss through your weekly stir fry – Chilli Jam for extra spice


9. Eat straight out of the jar (no judgement)
10. Serve with any Indian/non-Indian meal for a flavour boost
Mango chutney


Now you’ve got the knowledge, history and a couple creative ways to use Chutneys, you are one step closer to becoming a Chutney Connoisseur. We can’t imagine our lives without a shelf full of chutneys in the fridge and you shouldn’t either!

Tell us, how do you eat/serve your chutney?

We would love to hear your ways. Write a comment below.

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